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Chocolate Brownies with Pomegranate

Brownies for a winter tea

Chill house? Time to take up baking! Chocolate brownies put a smile on anyone's face, especially if the recipe is a tad healthier than usual. This is a slightly 'skinny' chocolate brownie; all the better for it as we enter the Christmas season and its indulgences. We've just had around 36 hours of rain in Malta. Apart from a ...

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Festive Fare

Lemon zest marmalade: a Christmas gift

Lemon zest marmalade for Christmas presents

Take one kilo of lemons from the tree, one kilo of sugar and a couple of hours on a wet day before Christmas and you've four jars of the tangiest, freshest lemon zest marmalade to give as thoughtful Christmas gifts...or simply munch your own way ...

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Pistacchio Parfait with White Chocolate


Parfait. Perfect! A very sweet French Provencal Christmas tradition is Les Treize Desserts de Noël. For the sweet-toothed, this feast of the 13 desserts must be a highlight of the year. If that is, you can manage to get to the dessert course ...

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Winter Warming Puds

Ginger carob parkin

Double Ginger Parkin

Parky days mean one thing only, hearty warming winter cakes like Ginger Parkin. Traditional British northern cake in Mediterranean make-over with carob.

Pear and cardamom tarte tatin

Pear & Cardamom Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin, simple as pie? Mais oui! Just master crisp puff pastry, don’t burn the caramel and flip it out of a red hot pan with ease, and some beginner’s luck.

Plum and carob crisp or crumble

Campfire Plum & Carob Crisp

Campfire plum crisp with carob is autumn in a pan. One for a BBQ or campfire on a November bonfire night or Halloween. Oven cooked possible too, of course!

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