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Banana Walnut Muffins for a Comforting Tea

banana walnut muffins

Two seriously overripe bananas lingering in the fruit bowl looking out of place among the volumes of winter citrus of sparkling clementines and bitter oranges I stocked up on to marmalade make. No one feels like milk shakes nor cold breakfasts of fruit.  There's only one thing to do, make something hearty and warm to use those fibre-packed bananas ...

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Desserts for Winter Delight

Strawberry apple crisp: a mid-winter pud?

Strawberry apple crisp

Strawberry and apple crumble. Sweet soft summer fruits partner autumn’s harvest; a duo that’s surprisingly easy to find mid winter on Malta’s market stalls. A rosy hot pud to lighten dark days.

Pear & Cardamom Tarte Tatin

Pear and cardamom tarte tatin

Tarte Tatin, simple as pie? Mais oui! Just master crisp puff pastry, don’t burn the caramel and flip it out of a red hot pan with ease, and some beginner’s luck.

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Warming Puds

Ginger carob parkin

Double Ginger Parkin

Parky days mean one thing only, hearty warming winter cakes like Ginger Parkin. Traditional British northern cake in Mediterranean make-over with carob.

Plum and carob crisp or crumble

Campfire Plum & Carob Crisp

Campfire plum crisp with carob is autumn in a pan. One for a BBQ or campfire on a November bonfire night or Halloween. Oven cooked possible too, of course!

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