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A Spring Stay in Scicli, Sicily

Scicli, Sicily, a bread basket dangles from a window

Scicli, the lesser known of Sicily's Unesco World Heritage baroque towns, on a first weekend of spring was sheer joy. Locals and the scarce tourists like ourselves out and about enjoying the sun's warmth after what seems like a month of non-stop rain in Sicily, and here in Malta too; a real 'diluvio' as our landlord Guglielmo said. We were barely a ...

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Italian for Inspiration

Venetian Mocha Amaretti Creams


Glitter and glam mocha creams inspired by carnival. If you can’t get to Venice, bring a taste of it centre stage to your table with this masquerading glitzy dessert.

Turin: city of chocolate, coffee & cars


Turin in spring, just before Easter, means one thing only – chocolate! Cars and coffee as well of course, but the city is a chocoholic’s delight. The joys of Gianduia in drinks, ice creams, pastries and more!

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Best Breakfasts


Portobello Bruschette Brunch

Bruschetta is far more than a summer appetizer. These toppings are for a heartier ‘bruschetta winter’ and ideal as an all-day brunch.

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